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If you enjoy reading about history, culture and ideas, if you have a critical mind and like to think about things differently, then my articles are for you. If you prefer debate to dogma, questions to answers, challenges to certainty, then you are in the right place.

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About My Books

I am a London based author who writes best selling, popular books about Jewish people, texts and ideas. My books include Leonard Cohen: The Mystical Roots of Genius; a journey into the religious imagination of the most learned and spiritual songwriter of our age; The Talmud: A Biography and a history of Kabbalah. My next book, due out in early 2024 is Shylock’s Venice, the remarkable story of the Venice Ghetto. My previous book Britain’s Jews looks at what it is like to be Jewish in 21st century Britain.

You can read about all my books on my personal website www.harryfreedmanbooks.com or on that of my publisher Bloomsbury.

Brims with insight. Washington Post
Leaves you feeling wiser about Leonard Cohen, and Judaism, and life. Tablet 
Eminently readable. Jerusalem Post
Hits all the highlights. Freedman writes with evocative brio. Wall Street Journal
This is the kind of erudite, witty, empathetic and sceptical book which gladdens. Scotsman

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I write best-selling books on Jewish culture and history. My latest book is Shylock's Venice, the history of the Venice Ghetto. Other book include Leonard Cohen: The Mystical Roots of Genius; The Talmud: A Biography; Britain's Jews. I live in London.